Instruction to register presentation

Presentation qualification

  • The speaker and corresponding authors should be members of JSHS. Each participant can be a speaker of one oral or poster presentation. If you are not a member of JSHS, you are requested to become a member or renew your membership no later than January 14, 2020.


Oral session

  • Oral sessions are categorized into four sections
    • Pomology
    • Vegetables
    • Ornamentals
    • Postharvest
  • Each presentation will be 12 min talk and 3 min question and discussion. The first bell will ring at 10 min.
  • The timetable will be arranged based on the provided summary of your presentation. Please understand even if the time table is not satisfactory for you.
  • Presentation can be in Japanese or English. If the presentation is in English, it is recommended for the speaker to accompany someone who can explain your work in Japanese.

Poster presentation

  • Poster session consists of 4 sections
    • Pomology
    • Vegetables
    • Ornamentals
    • Postharvest
  • Please read the Instruction to Prepare Poster.
  • Maximum number of poster presentation will be 240.
  • Presentation can be in English or Japanese. If the presentation is in English, the speaker is requested to accompany someone who can explain your work in Japanese, except for theme sessions.


Online registration

  • Access the online site for presentation registration.
  • Participation registration is a prerequisite to proceed presentation registration.
  • For details, please see the sample entry.
  • Presentation registration will be automatically cancelled if you cancel your participation registration while the registration is open (until January 6). After January 6, your presentation registration will not be cancelled even if you cancel your participation registration. If you wish to cancel your presentation after this deadline, please consult
  • The presentation registration will
    • OPEN: December 2, 2019
    • CLOSE: January 6, 2020
  • After the number of submitted poster reached the maximum (240), only oral presentation will be acceptable.
  • Your presentation registration is complete after you upload a pdf file of the abstract. The abstract submission site will
    • CLOSE: January 14, 2020
  • In order to prevent garbled characters and print characters correctly, it is important to embed fonts in the abstract PDF file. Make sure the font is embedded before uploading the PDF file.
  • If the submission is accepted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes after submission. If not, please contact

Prepare your abstract

  • The abstract of the presentation is one page of A4 size
  • The main text of the abstract should consist of [Objectives], [Materials and Methods], and [Results and Discussion].
  • Write the title on the first line and the name of the affiliation in parentheses after the author name on the next line.
  • Affiliation name can be written as an abbreviation.
  • If there are multiple author names and affiliation names, they must be separated by commas.
  • Indicate the speaker with a superscript "○" in front of the name.
  • If each author belongs to a different affiliation, put a superscript number before the affiliation name and add that number after the author's name.
  • If the author's current affiliation is different from the affiliation at which the research was conducted, add a superscript * after the author's name and in front of the current affiliation name.


  • The manuscript should be 1 page in A4 size with 3 cm for the top and bottom margins and 2 cm for the left and right margins.
  • Use 10-point Times New Roman font, 100-110 characters per line, 46 lines per page.
  • Minimize the use of italic throat decorative letters.
  • Please make the figures and tables in Japanese or English. The number of figures and tables should be limited to about 3, and the space occupied on the page should not exceed 50% of the page.


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