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 The Japanese Society for Horticultural Science was established in 1923 with the aim of promoting horticultural research and technology. It currently has around 2,250 members. The Society publishes a quarterly English-language journal, the Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science (JJSHS), and a quarterly Japanese-language journal, Engeigaku Kenkyu (“Horticultural Research”), and has published the findings of more than a hundred studies for Japanese and overseas audiences. These findings are of a high caliber, often being cited in European and American scientific journals, and they have contributed greatly to the development of the horticultural industry, not only in Japan but also worldwide. Beginning in 2015, the Society will rename the already internationally prestigious JJSHS as The Horticulture Journal (Hort. J.), to further strengthen its international dissemination of information. In addition, the Society is actively engaged in research presentation and symposiums in Japan, holding workshops each spring and autumn, which are attended by some 800–900 people.

 The Society brings together the expertise of all its members to further develop the integrated science of horticulture, and strives to meet the expectations of the wider society by contributing to the development of academic research and the horticultural industry. We thank our members for their continued support. We cordially invite anyone interested in horticultural education and research to become a member of the Society and join us in our endeavors. 



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