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Last Update: February 15, 2024

Please move to the AMARYS registration site ( and register for the excursion (post-conference tour) on April 26 (Fri). Tour Fee: 7,000 JPY.

Participants must register separately from the symposium registration (Tour Fee: 7,000 JPY per person (tax included)).

We will start this tour at 8:30 from JR Matsue Sation (the tourist bus stop is close to the SOUTH entrance of the station).

[Meeting Date/Point]
8:15, 26 April.2024, at JR Matsue Station

*Full English guided tour

Place to visit
1.    Oni no Shita Burui, a large gorge stretching approximately 2.3 km (Une, Minari Okuizumo-cho, Nita-gun): The natural habitat of Rhododendrons or native azaleas is found in the valley. We will take a hike on recreation trails along the river.
(Photo: Rhododendron ripense Makino in Oni no Shita Burui).

** The convener Prof. Kobayashi will guide you on this hike for wild ornamental plant observation. We may see naturally growing plant species as below;  

2.    Mochi pounding in the traditional way (Mochitsuki) and Lunch of mochi in local style Okuizumo-cho is one of the famous production areas of rice in Japan. We will make tasty fresh rice cakes using a big mallet at an old fold house. Country-cooking lunch will be provided by WOTZ2024 organizer.

** The members who will board a plane to Tokyo or Osaka may get off at Izumo-Airport (IZO). The members who will use Yonago Airport (YGJ) need to go to JR Matsue Sation and take a shuttle bus to YGJ from Matsue.

[Dismissal Date/Point]
15:10, 26 April.2024, at Izumo-Airport (IZO)
15:45, 26 April.2024, at JR Matsue Station

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