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Last Update: June 14, 2020

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Prospectus of the International Symposium on Persimmon 2020

      The seventh ISHS International Symposium on Persimmon will be held in Nara City, Japan, from 22th to 26th September 2021. These symposia focused on persimmon are only held every four years and therefore all scientists, professors, growers, industry personnel and students from around the world, who are involved in persimmon research, production or industries, are very keen to attend. This is an ideal opportunity for sponsors to benefit from all these delegates meeting together in one location.
      The first International Symposium on Persimmon was held in Thailand in 1996. Since then, it has been organized in many locations including Australia, Korea, Italy, China, and Spain. The last symposium was held in 2016 at Valencia, Spain, with 200 participants from 12 countries.
      The International Symposium on Persimmon provides an excellent opportunity for delegates to share the latest knowledge and findings on persimmons. They also benefit from networking with colleagues, obtain professional development opportunities through workshops and can view the latest equipment and relevant books and journals at trade booths, thus making likely customers aware of your cutting-edge technologies, products and services.
      The organizing committee members of the 7th International Symposium on Persimmon are putting considerable effort into ensuring that the symposium will be beneficial and significant, not only for Japan, but also for the world. Please review the 7th International Symposium on Persimmon prospectus and consider supporting the symposium whilst at the same time benefiting your organization through increased visibility.

                                       May, 2019
          Kaki2020 organizing committee

Sponsorship Packages

Platinum Sponsor (JPY 500,000)

*We will stop accepting applications once all exhibition spaces are filled.

Gold Sponsor (JPY 200,000)

*We will stop accepting applications once all exhibition spaces are filled.

Silver Sponsor (JPY 50,000)

*We will stop accepting applications once all exhibition spaces are filled.

Local Sponsor (JPY 30,000)

Exhibition Sponsor (JPY 40,000)

*We will stop accepting applications once all exhibition spaces are filled.


Conference Bag (actual expense, for metal sponsor)
One metal sponsor can supply the conference bag. The size of the bag is required to be enough to put A4-size (or larger) leaflet without folding. Details including delivery date or design of the bag is necessary to be discussed with our secretariat.

Drink and snack (actual expense)
You can provide drink and snack during coffee break (5 times in the conference). Details including payment and preparation have to be discussed with our secretariat.

Application and Payment for Sponsorship

  1. Please contact us (Kaki2020 secretariat, by e-mail. We will send an application form. Application date is provided by the date we receive your application form.
  2. After we accept the application form, bank account for the transfer is informed. After confirmation of the transfer, a receipt will publish. We also provide a bill as necessary. Sponsor is required to bear the cost for the transfer.
  3. Closing date for sponsorship application is set at the end of 2020 July. We accept cancel of sponsorship during 1 month after application date. However, after the transfer, cancel of sponsorship cannot be received.


Sponsorship Packages at a Glance

Item Platinum Gold Silver Local Exhibition
Logo Posted on          
 HP Top Page      
 HP Sponsor Page
 HP Other Pages        
 Name Card/Holder        
 Program Sheet        
Program Book- Monochrome, inside Full Page Half Page Logo    
Logo Projection on Screen at Coffee Break and Lunch Time    
Leaflet insert in conference bag    
Named Acknowledgement of Support from the Chairperson at          
 the Welcome Reception    
 the Closing Ceremony      
Invitation to Symposium 2 people 1 people      
Leaflet on the Information desk  
Complimentary Exhibition Space  



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