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Last Update: October 1, 2021

Announcement / What’s New

2021.10.1. Update; Closing Address
   LINC Biz(SSS) archive
   Panel Discussion7: Postharvest Technology 17:00 (JST) -
   Panel Discussion8: Utilization 17:30 (JST) -
   Tour Session: 18:00 (JST) -
   Business Meeting: 19:00(JST) -
   Farewell: 19:30(JST) - (*Remo meeting)
   Break room (Remo meeting) is available 16:00-19:30. Enter freely.
   Panel Discussion5: Diseases and Pests Management 17:00 (JST) -
   Panel Discussion6: Perspectives from the Basic to the Field (NARO Session) 18:00 (JST) -
   Poster Session: *Remo meeting 19:00 (JST) -
   Break room (Remo meeting) is available 16:00-19:00. Enter freely.
   Panel Discussion4: Biotechnology and Physiology I 17:00 (JST) -
   Panel Discussion4: Biotechnology and Physiology II 18:00 (JST) -
   Poster Session: *Remo meeting 19:00 (JST) -
   Break room (Remo meeting) is available 16:00-19:00. Enter freely.
   Opening Remarks 16:30 (JST) -
   Panel Discussion1: Current Status of Persimmon Industry 17:00 (JST) -
   Panel Discussion2: Breeding and Genetics 18:00 (JST) -
   Panel Discussion3: Crop Management 19:00 (JST) -
   Break room (Remo meeting) is available 16:00-19:30. Enter freely.
2021.9.22.  Welcome Reception in Remo meeting!! 17:30-19:00 (JST) 
2021.9.20.  The Virtual Symposium starts in LINC Biz!! Please go to the symposium session site. (The URL has been announced to participants by e-mail.)
2021.9.14.  Abstract Book (PDF) is now available!! (participants can get it from Google Drive or File Server announced by e-mail.)
2021.9.3.   Update; Scientific Program
2021.9.1.   Update; Instruction for Presenters >> see the symposium platform page 
2021.8.23. Update; program, timetable, and chairpersons >> see the Program page
2021.6.30. Deadline for Abstract submission is extended for one month!!
                 The new deadline is July 31.
2021.6.15. Update; Draft Program
2021.5.12. Update; Virtual Symposium Platform, and its style
2021.3.22. Registration and Abstract submission open
2021.3.15. Announcement of new Important Dates and Registration reopening
2021.1.28. Announcement of Postponement about the registration site reopening
2020.5.26. Update; new Important Dates
2020.5.8. Announcement of Postponement
2020.2.17. Registration opens
2020.2.12. Update; Sponsorship, Important Dates, Sessions, and Timetable information
2020.1.9. Update; Scientific committee information
2019.12.4. Update; Young Minds Awards information
2019.11.1. Update; Sponsorship and Registration information
2019.10.7. Timetable for symposium sessions and technical tour
2019.8.27. Update; Sponsorship and rearrange the site
2019.7.24. Update; Registration information
2019.6.4.   Announcement of Sponsorship

Abstract submission information

Submit an abstract FIRST and before registering for the symposium. For the abstract submission process, it is mandatory to have a valid ISHS user account. If you don't have an ISHS user account yet, please proceed to and activate your user account before submitting an abstract. You will then be entitled to register for the symposium at the ISHS member fee.

- abstract submission: you may refer to
---- for the submission of all abstracts and papers
----the ROSA user manual for authors,
----the Acta Horticulturae guidelines,
- ISHS membership,
- ISHS Young Minds Awards,

During each ISHS Symposium, two Young Mind Awards for junior scientists are given, one award for the best oral presentation, and one award for the best poster. Students, junior scientists interested in participating in the ISHS Young Minds Award should indicate this when submitting their abstract by ticking the appropriate box available on the abstract entry page.


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