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Persimmon production in Japan

  The persimmon is a popular autumn fruit that has been consumed in both fresh and dried forms since ancient times in Japan. It is the third most popular fruit in terms of production, with 225,300 t being grown in 2017 over an estimated growing area of 19,800 ha. Nara Prefecture is one of the primary producers of persimmons, alongside Wakayama and Fukuoka Prefectures. “Fuyu” has always been the most popular non-astringent persimmon cultivar for fresh use, while “Hiratanenashi” and its early-maturing bud sport “Tonewase” are the dominant astringent cultivars. The National Agricultural and Food Research Organization of Japan (NARO) also recently released several new non-astringent cultivars that produce large, high-quality fruit, such as “Taiho” and “Reigyoku”. Dried persimmons are produced commercially using local cultivars in each production area. Persimmon-leaf-wrapped sushi is one of Nara's local specialties that can be enjoyed by tourists who visit this region.

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