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Last Update: June 11, 2022

7th International Symposium on Persimmon

You can access ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1338, e-Acta for VII International Symposium on Persimmon!!
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Closing Address

   Good evening or good afternoon or good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

   At this closing of this symposium, on behalf of the conveners, I would like to convey our deepest gratitude to all the participants of this symposium.

   We had in this symposium about 134 participants from 12 countries over the world. We had 8 marvelous keynote lectures, 47 original oral presentations, and 44 interesting poster presentations. I am sure that this symposium was quite an active one in the wealthy tradition of ISHS symposiums in spite of online style. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the participants for their warmhearted cooperation.

   We also express our deepest thanks to our 2 Platinum, 7 Gold, 6 Silver, and 3 Local sponsors of this symposium for their good support.

   The 8th International Persimmon Symposium will be held in China in 2024. Until then, I hope that the exchanges and the connections made during this symposium will grow over time and become lasting relations. After 3 years, in 2024, we will see each other again in China, not online, as a real symposium, we hope.     

Thank you very much for your warm attention.

 (Farewell, Sep. 26, 2021)

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Keizo Yonemori
Prof. Dr. Satoshi Taira


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Acta Horticulturae

   We are delighted to invite you to the 7th International Symposium on Persimmon on September 20-26, 2021. This will be held online as a virtual symposium, broadcasting from Nara, Japan.
  This symposium is being jointly organized by the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science (JSHS), and the Institute of Fruit Tree and Tea Science of NARO, and is supported by Nara Prefecture, the Research Association of Fruit Tree in Nara (RAFT, NARA), and the Scientific Research Association for Kakishibu and Kakitannin (SRAKK).
  The aim of this Symposium is to provide a platform for discussing and sharing recent research and innovative techniques related to persimmon in order to better understand this crop and make practical advances in its cultivation and utilization. This symposium will also provide individuals who work on or are interested in persimmon with the opportunity to come together, promoting international relationships.



Sep. 22    
17:30 -19:00 (JST)
   Welcome reception (Connection test and informal talk) [R]

Sep. 23
16:30 -17:00 (JST)
  Opening Remarks [Z]
17:00 -18:00 (JST)
  Panel Discussion 1: Current status of Persimmon Industry [Z]
  Chair: Edogardo Giordani,  Akihiko Sato
18:00 -19:00 (JST)
  Panel Discussion 2: Breeding and Genetics [Z]
  Chair: Maria L. Badenes,  Keizo Yonemori
19:00 -20:00 (JST)
  Panel Discussion 3: Crop Management [Z]
  Chair: Tahir Khurshid,  Takuya Tetsumura

Sep. 24
17:00 -18:00 (JST)
  Panel Discussion 4: Biotechnology and Physiology I [Z]
  Chair: Qinglin Zhang,  Ryutaro Tao
18:00 -19:00 (JST)
  Panel Discussion 4: Biotechnology and Physiology II [Z]
  Chair: Qinglin Zhang,  Chitose Honsho
19:00 -20:00 (JST)
  Poster Session 1 [R]

Sep. 25
17:00 -18:00 (JST)
  Panel Discussion 5: Diseases and Pests Management [Z]
  Chair: Takao Ito,  Francisco J. Beitia
18:00 -19:00 (JST)
  Panel Discussion 6: Perspectives from the Basic to the Field (NARO Session) [Z]
  Chair: Hiroshi Yakushiji,  Noriyuki Onoue
19:00 -20:00 (JST)
  Poster Session 2 [R]

Sep. 26
17:00 -17:30 (JST)
Panel Discussion 7: Postharvest Technology [Z]
  Chair: Xue-ren Yin,  Akihiro Itai
17:30 -18:00 (JST)
  Panel Discussion 8: Utilization [Z]
  Chair: Hiroyuki Itamura, Mun-gyeong Cho, Tomoya Esumi
18:00 -19:00 (JST)
  Tour Session: Persimmon industry in Nara [Z]
  Chair: Ryohei Nakano
19:00 -19:30 (JST)
  Business Meeting [Z]
19:30 -21:00 (JST)
  Farewell [R]

[Z]: ZOOM Webinar,   [R]: REMO Meeting


Important Dates

2018 - late The symposium web page opens
2019 - Jul. Announcement for detailed information
2021 - Mar. 22 Registration and Abstract submission reopen

2021 - Jun. 30
- July 31


Deadline of Abstract submission

2021 - Aug. 15
- Sep. 20

Deadline of Full paper submission for Acta Horticulturae

2021 - Sep. 20-26

Kaki2020 [virtual symposium] is held online from Nara
   Sep. 20-26  Oral/Poster presentation (available for on-demand viewing)
   Sep. 23-26  Online live sessions (Zoom webinars)
  (Sep. 27-30  Archives can be viewed)




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