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Jun 5, 2017 (Mon.)

1:30pm - Registration
                 (Technical Secretariat will be open throughout the symposium)
1:45pm - Technical Seminar for Cherry Growers
                 Opening address: Prof. Satoshi Taira (Cherry2017 Convener)
                                           Prof. Roderick A.Drew (ISHS President)
                 Speakers: Dr. Gregory Lang*
                                Dr. Senih Yazgan*
(*Speech with Japanese translation)
3:30pm - Closing the technical seminar
6:30pm - Welcome Reception
                 Welcome address: Prof. Satoshi Taira (Cherry2017 Convener)
                                            Prof. Ryutaro Tao (Cherry2017 Convener)
                                            Prof. Hideki Murayama (Cherry2017 Convener)

Jun 6, 2017 (Tue.)

 8:30am - Registration desk open
 9:00am - Cherry2017 Opening Ceremony
                    Opening address: Prof. Satoshi Taira (Cherry2017 Convener)
                    Welcome address: Governor of Yamagata Prefecture
                                                   Mayor of Yamagata city
                                                   President of Yamagata University
 9:35am - ISHS Award Ceremony
                     Presenter: Prof. Roderick A.Drew (ISHS President)
                     Awardees: Prof. Koki Kanahama (for the ISHS Honorary Member)
                                      Suntory Flowers Co (for the ISHS Horticulture Innovation Award)
                    Complimentary address: Prof. Shuichi Iwahori (ISHS Fellow)
                    ISHS promotion: Prof. Ryutaro Tao (ISHS boad)

10:45am - Cherry2017 Plenary Lecture
                    Speakers: Dr. Gregory Lang
                                    Dr. Kaichun Zhang

                                    Mr. Makoto Ishiguro         

 1:45pm - Session 1 Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology
 4:05pm - Session 2 Crop Production and Orchard Management
 6:25pm - Poster Sessions

Jun 7, 2017 (Wed.)

 8:30am - Registration desk open
 9:00am - Session 3 Rootstocks and Varieties Evaluation/Propagation
11:50am - Session 4 Nutrient and Irrigation
 2:40pm -  Session 5 Tree Fruit Physiology, Plant Growth, and Floral Biology
 5:45pm -  Poster Sessions

Jun 8, 2017 (Thu.)

 8:30am - Registration desk open
 9:00am - Session 6 Physiological Disorder and Pests and Diseases Management
10:20am - Session 7 Postharvest Technology, Fruit Quality, Health Related Issues
11:25am - Poster Sessions
 1:40pm -  Sponsor's Presentation
 3:20pm - ISHS Business Meeting
 4:30pm - Closing Ceremony
 7:00pm - Gala Dinner

Jun 9, 2017 (Fri.)

Technical Tour

8:30am - Tour bus depart from Yamagata TERRSA

Visiting spots:
  1) Yamagata Prefectural Experimental Station for Cherry
  2) Commercial Cherry Orchards (seeing protected cultivation system and packing-house)
  3) Cherry-Land with Exhibitions and Shops (Lunch)
  4) ‘Yamadera’ Mountain Temple in Historic Site

5:30pm - Tour bus return back to Yamagata TERRSA

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