Last Update: 30/05/2017


Invited speakers

Technical Seminar for Cherry Growers (Jun 5)

Speaker: Dr. Gregory Lang (Michigan State University, USA)
"Current Trends for Growing Sweet Cherries in the USA: Adoption of New Orchard Training Systems, Rootstocks, and Varieties"

Speaker: Dr. Senih Yazgan (Alara Agri Business, Turkey)
"Turkish Sweet Cherry Industry Overview : ALARA Case"

Plenary Lecture (Jun 6)

Speaker: Dr. Gregory Lang (Michigan State University, USA)
"The Cherry Industries in the USA: Current Trends and Future Perspectives"

Speaker: Dr. Kaichun Zhang (Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences. China)
"Cherry Growing In China"

Speaker: Mr. Makoto Ishiguro (Sweet Cherry Breeding Expert, Yamagata Prefecture Horticultural Experiment Station, Japan
"Sweet Cherry Growing in Japan : History, Characteristics and Future Perspectives"


Keynote speakers

Session 1. Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology
Keynote speaker: Dr. José Quero Garcia (INRA, France)
"Present and Future of Marker-assisted Breeding in Sweet and Sour Cherry"

Session 2. Crop Production and Orchard Management
Keynote speaker: Dr. Matthew David Whiting (Washington State University, USA)
"Research at the Intersection of Biology and Technology: Sweet Cherry Orchard Systems of the Future"

Session 3. Rootstocks and Varieties Evaluation/Propagation
Keynote speaker: Dr. Lynn E. Long (Oregon State University, USA)
"New Cherry Rootstock and Cultivar Interactions Directly Affect Orchard Profitability"

Session 4. Nutrient and Irrigation
Keynote speaker: Dr. Dugald Craig Close (University of Tasmania, Australia)
"Cherry Nutrition: the Balancing Act of Feeding Fruit for High Quality Cherries"

Session 5. Tree Fruit Physiology, Plant Growth, and Floral Biology
Keynote speaker: Dr. Ryutaro Tao (Kyoto University, Japan)
"Recent Advances in Our Understanding of the S-RNase-based Gametophytic Self-incompatibility System in Prunus"

Session 6. Physiological Disorder and Pests and Diseases Management
Keynote speaker: Dr. Herman Silva (University of Chile, Chile)
"Bioinformatics and Molecular Analysis of Factors Involved in Fruit Development and Cracking Tolerance in Different Varieties of Sweet Cherry"

Session 7. Postharvest Technology, Fruit Quality, Health Related Issues
Keynote speaker: Dr. A.Fabián Guillén Arco on behalf of Dr. Daniel Valero (University Miguel Hernandez, Spain)
"Pre- and Postharvest Tools to Maintain Sweet Cherry Quality for Fresh Market: Eating Quality and Health-Promoting Properties"

and Many Presentations!!

For presenting authors

Oral Presentations:
Presentations must be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint and saved to a USB flash drive. The aspect ratio of projection screen is 4:3. Please make your presentation slides with this aspect ratio. Computer information: HP Probook 6570b Win7 Pro-32 (English ver.), Microsoft Office Standard 2013.

Poster Presentations:
Authors will be notified of their assigned poster session time and will be expected to stand by their posters during this time. The size of the posters must be no larger than 90 cm width X 120 cm height (3 feet X 4 feet). Posters must be set-up before 11:00am on June 6 (Tuesday), and remain up for the duration of the symposium. The hanging tools (pins and tapes) for posters are prepared in venue. Remove your poster at lunch time before closing ceremony on June 8 (Thursday).

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