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Welcome to 8th International Cherry Symposium 2017

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     We invite you to attend the 8th International Cherry Symposium (Cherry2017), which will be held from June 5 to 9, 2017, in Yamagata City in Japan.
     Cherry2017 will provide a good opportunity for scientists, students, growers, and cherry industries to present and share their latest findings and knowledge on cherries.
     We hope the symposium will show you the traditional and new styles of cherry production in Japan, and promote the exchange of ideas and international collaboration among people involved in the cherry industry and research worldwide.

Organizing Committee

ISHS Award Ceremony

    The ISHS President Prof. Rod Drew will be attending the 8th International Cherry Symposium (Cherry2017) and advanced ISHS Award Ceremony by the ISHS President will take place during the opening ceremony on June 6. The awardees will be Prof. Koki Kanahama for the ISHS Honorary Member and the Suntory Flowers Co for the ISHS Horticulture Innovation Award.

Organizing Committee

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