The Horticulture Journal特集号 ‘Quality improvement of ornamental flowers (観賞花きの品質向上)’ 投稿募集のお知らせ

園芸学会より、Horticulture Journal 特集号投稿募集のお知らせです。




園芸学会英文誌 The Horticulture Journalでは,本誌の質的向上と国際的認知度向上による更なる国際情報発信強化を目的として,2019年(平成31年)より特集号を企画・出版して参りました.この度,これら一連の取り組みの一つとして新たに特集号‘Quality improvement of ornamental flowers (観賞花きの品質向上)’(編集委員:市村一雄(元農研機構野菜花き研究部門),中山真義(農研機構野菜花き研究部門),山田邦夫(岐阜大学))を企画し,会員の皆様から「観賞花きの品質向上」をテーマとした投稿を募集する運びとなりました.特集号の掲載論文は2024年4月から順次出版予定であり,この機会にぜひ投稿を御検討ください.


(※投稿時は“Select Article Type”のうち“Special Issue Article”をご選択ください.また,Cover LetterやAuthor Commentsにおいて特集号掲載希望の旨,お知らせください.)



Call for papers: Special issue “Quality improvement of ornamental flowers”

Submission deadline: 31 October 2023

Target publication date: starting from April 2024

Dear JSHS members,

We are very happy to announce that The Horticulture Journal launches a new special issue

“Quality improvement of ornamental flowers” edited by Dr. Kazuo Ichimura (Fukukaen Nursery), Dr. Masayoshi Nakayama (Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, NARO) and Dr. Kunio Yamada (Gifu University). We are now calling original research and review manuscripts for this special issue.

This special issue is devoted exclusively to the publication of original papers, review articles and frontiers articles on the quality improvement of ornamental flowers. This includes the areas of technology of cultivation, quality management, postharvest technology of ornamental plants. The following research areas will be considered if they improve the quality of ornamental plants: plant physiology, molecular biology, biotechnology.

Authors who are interested in submission, please notify the engagement of their manuscript to this special issue in the cover letter or the comment box in the Editorial Manager submission system. The deadline for submission is temporarily set to October 31, 2023, and the target publication date is April 2024.

* When submitting your article from Editorial Manager, please select "Special Issue Article" from "Select Article Type". In addition, please let us know in the Cover Letter or Author Comments that you wish to publish a special issue.




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